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The origin of hair

From the very beginning, our goal was to develop the highest quality and ethically sustainable hair extensions. We embarked on this quest that led us to the heartland of India, where we discovered the soulful essence of Indian hair. Our journey led us to a sacred tradition deeply rooted in the Indian culture. In ancient temples, amidst ancient rituals, a centuries-old ceremony called tonsuring takes place. The people of India selflessly offer their precious locks as an act of devotion and gratitude.

For the Hindu faithful, hair represents not only physical beauty but also a connection to their past lives. It holds a profound significance, a testament to the intertwined nature of spirituality and personal adornment. It is this profound reverence that permeates every strand of Indian hair we acquire.


We stand proudly, knowing that every extension is born out of this sacred bond between the donor and their faith. It is a testament to the selflessness and deep-rooted traditions that have stood the test of time.

With every strand, we carry the stories of countless individuals who have made the heartfelt decision to share a part of themselves. We honor their generosity and cherish the opportunity to transform their precious gift into a source of empowerment and beauty for others.

This is the soul of Simply Natural—a tale woven with threads of compassion, spirituality, and the eternal quest for authentic beauty. Our commitment to sourcing the finest Indian hair is not just a business choice; it is a profound responsibility. It is our way of paying homage to the rich tapestry of humanity and celebrating the interconnectedness of us all.

At Simply Natural, every strand carries a story, and every extension embodies the soulful spirit of giving.

Every strand matters

From the heartland of India, where we source our hair, to our very own factory in the enchanting Indonesian islands, the tale of every strand is one of dedication, precision, and unmatched quality. At our factory, we take pride in our commitment to maintaining the integrity of remy hair.

Our skilled artisans handle each strand with precision and care during the sorting and preparation process to ensure that the cuticles remain intact. This dedication to preserving the natural characteristics of remy hair ensures that our products not only look stunning but also have longevity and durability, making them a valuable investment for our customers.


Once the ethically sourced hair arrives at our factory, a team of skilled artisans takes over. Each strand of hair is individually examined, carefully selected and prepared for the intricate process that lies ahead. With unwavering attention to detail, our craftsmen meticulously sort and arrange the hair, ensuring uniformity in length, texture, and color.


The artistry continues as the strands are transformed into double drawn extensions. This delicate technique involves removing shorter hair to maintain the desired consistent length, resulting in luxurious volume from root to tip. The skilled hands of our craftsmen work in harmony, infusing each extension with the essence of our commitment to the highest quality.


The hallmark of Simply Natural’s double drawn extensions lies not only in their beauty but also in their resilience. Our extensions are tough enough to withstand the creativity of professional hairdressers. Whether it’s a precision cut, an intricate updo, or a daring colour transformation, our extensions stand firm, embodying both elegance and strength.


As each strand is meticulously crafted, we ensure that the end product reflects the dedication and passion we pour into our work. Every double drawn extension that leaves our hands is a testament to the uncompromising standards we uphold—standards that embody the spirit of Simply Natural.

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The story of hair

From the very beginning, our goal has been to create hair extensions of the utmost quality while maintaining a strong commitment to ethical sustainability. 

Discover more about our journey by watching our captivating video.


To acquire Simply Natural extensions, you should consult with a trained hairstylist who will recommend the technique that best suits you.

The cost of extensions comprises several components. High-quality raw hair is precious. Simply Natural hair extensions are meticulously crafted by hand from start to finish. The production chain of an individual product package, from the temple to the factory and ultimately to the stylist’s chair, involves nearly 100 skilled hands. This meticulous process ensures exceptionally consistent quality. Hair extensions are often the most valuable salon service, and as such, quality should be expected.

It’s worth noting that sometimes, even with a small amount of hair extensions, you can achieve a significant transformation at a reasonable cost.

Hair extensions aim to surpass the length of the client’s natural hair. More material is required in this case to ensure that the extension material blends seamlessly and yields the most natural result. In thickening, the client’s hair length is preserved but a significantly larger amount of volume is added. Less time and material are needed for thickening compared to extensions and thickening, in fact, is one of the most popular salon services.

Every extension technique has its unique attributes, and what works best can vary from person to person. While the Mago extension technique is a great fit for many, we understand that everyone is different. Therefore, during a consultation, we may recommend an alternative technique that suits your individual needs.

The attachment knot of Mago extensions is single-use. However, it is possible to partially reattach the hair extensions, for example, using wax bondings. In such cases, they are no longer considered as Mago extensions.

Simply Natural has its own range of hair care products, which we recommend using to obtain a three-month material warranty for your extensions. Simply Natural hair does not require strong conditioning agents.

“Mago” is an ancient Korean word that means mother of nature.” The English word “mother” is derived from the Korean word “mago.”

Simply Natural is a Finnish brand developed in collaboration with a Korean partner. Over 450 individuals work at the Simply Natural factory in Indonesia.