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Not all hair is the same

Simply Natural offers a variety of hair extension technniques that all aim for a natural end result. Not every technique is suitable for everyone, but don’t worry, your hairdresser will recommend the most appropriate technique and service interval to you in the first consultation. Make sure your hairdresser is educated by Simply Natural education team. If so, you can ask detailed questions about all techniques and the hair behind them. You can also rely that he or she will master the technique and gets the most out of this precious material.


The gentlest hair extension method on the market. No chemical aids, heat or electric appliances are needed for attachment or removal. No damage for end-user head. This technique is patented, and the hairdresser must pass a specific Mago training in order to offer the system as a salon service.

Dual Weft
New innovative tape extension. A second narrower tape has been added to the base of the Dual Weft that masks the actual tape tape. The end result is really discreet also in thin hair. Can be recycled if carefully maintained.
Machine weft

One of the oldest human hair extension method. The weft is sewn in client’s own hair that is braided in a head form. Easy to recycle the material if carefully maintained.

Keratin Pre-Bond

Unnoticeable and easy-to-edit hair extensions. The bond is specially designed also for micro extensions. One wax can be split in several times to fit for fine and very fine hair.