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Simply Natural Mago

The most natural way possible.

Simply Natural Mago

Mago extension technology was founded in 2004. Simply Natural aimed to develop the most natural method possible for adding hair to the customer’s own hair. We wanted to create a completely new Strand by Strand technology, aligned with our brand values, that does not use chemical aids for attachment or removal, nor requires electricity. This system was designed for professional use only, ensuring that extensions made with the Mago technique can only be purchased through consultations with trained hairdressers.

After more than five years of product development and several years of testing, the knot technology known as Mago was perfected. At the end of a long process, Mago emerged as an environmentally friendly product that provides better customer satisfaction than any other extension technology.

The word “Mago” signifies “mother nature” in Korean and “magician” in Italian.

Simply Natural Mago is an internationally registered trademark and is protected by an international patent.

What’s the difference between Mago and others?

Simple attachment

After education and few weeks of self-training. Mago hairdresser can attach 100-120 Mago strands between 1 to 1.5 hours.

Natural movement

Mago extension sections are not glued, taped, or sealed to the customer’s hair. The extension section is attached to the customer’s hair only with cotton string. As a result, the movement of the extension hair is so natural that the user may forget that she is wearing hair extensions.

No damage to your hair

When don properly Simply Natural Mago does not damage the customer hair in any way. The strands are connected with cotton string. During the removal the knot is cut, and it will loosen – no damage to own hair.

Light feeling

Simply Natural Mago extensions are only attached to cotton string. The weight of this string is non-existent and does not damage the scalp. The customer will notice this as a lighter end result – or not at all.

Easy to remove

Mago extensions are very easy to remove. The hairdresser only needs scissors, no chemicals or electrical appliances. The Mago partition is removed by cutting part of the knot attachment with scissors, whereupon the extension portion is loosened. A trained hairdresser will remove about 100 to 120 sections per hour.

Strong nodes

Correctly attached Mago extension hair cannot fall off the client’s hair until the hair stylist removes them. Multiple year tests have shown that nodes are excellent for water, shampoo, heat, etc. Even so, the Mago knot shrinks and tightens when washing. This makes the connection even stronger.

Allergy Free

Simply Natural Mago Extensions do not use chemicals. The hairdresser can offer Mago extensions without the fear that the fixing technique would cause allergic reactions. Also the removal is chemical free.

Environment friendly

Simply Natural Mago Hair Extensions do not use any chemicals when attaching or removing. This will benefit consumers, hairdressers and the environment.