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Quality with warranty

Simply Natural hair materials have a 3-month factory warranty when they are treated with Simply Natural Hair Extension products made for Simply Natural hair.

After care products
Simply Natural® care products use the same ingredients that the plant uses in its production. By using Simply Natural® care products, you can ensure their smooth operation and a 3-month factory warranty. The factory warranty is not valid if Simply Natural® extensions have not been treated in accordance with the warranty terms or treatment instructions. We cannot guarantee the functionality of Simply Natural® extensions if they are treated with non-Simply Natural® care products.

Simply Natural Take Care Shampoo 500 ml

A very mild, moisturizing shampoo with a pH-balanced composition perfect for prolonging hair. The soy protein contained in the shampoo helps the hair retain its natural moisture balance, which improves the tensile strength of the hair. Recommended also for use before attaching extensions.

Simply Natural Take Care Silver Shampoo 500 ml

Show the perfect beauty of grey, white or blonde hair with this color clarifying shampoo. The formula is enriched with proteins, vitamin E and a special purple pigments, anti-yellowing agents, witch helps remove yellow tones, strengthens cool tones and counteracts unwanted brassy tones.

Simply Natural Take Care Conditioner 500 ml

An intensive conditioner which plant-based composition makes it a perfect conditioner for extension hair. The soft texture of the product improves the moisture balance and elasticity of the hair. Natural soybean and sunflower seed oils correct the internal structure of the hair and give the hair a great abundance.

Simply Natural Take Care Leave-In Spray 250 ml

The multifunctional treatment spray makes the hair easy to handle, shiny and velvety soft. Vitamin B5 (Panthenol) strengthens the hair and improves the moisture balance of the hair. The light grip of the product gives the hair abundance.

Keep your hair right

Use Simply Natural care products to treat your Simply Natural Extensions. Other care products can damage your extension. The Simply Natural 3-month warranty is only valid when the extensions are treated with care products made for Simply Natural. Simply Natural Extensions do not require any other special treatments.

Clear your hair at least 2 times a day. Use the Simply Natural extension kit for brushing your extensions. Always start brushing from the top and proceed to the ground.

You can wash, dry or shape your extensions as you like, but treat the seals / tape with care. Protect your hair against heat treatments (straightening iron) with Simply Natural Leave in Conditioner. It gives the hair shine, softness and strong thermal protection.

Wash the scalp gently from the front to the back with your fingertips and rinse thoroughly. Avoid unnecessarily rubbing of the hair base. Apply the conditioner evenly beginning from the ends. Continue to the roots and let it work for 3 minutes (do not apply to the attachment point of the tape and seal). Rinse the conditioner thoroughly with your hair. Dry your hair and spray Leave-In Conditioner for hair lengths. Avoid washing the head down and bonding wet hair.

Extensions should always be blow dried before sleeping. Tie your hair to a loose-fitting overnight.

When blow drying extensions, use a cold blow from your hairdryer. Too hot air can damage seals / tapes. Cold blowing is also gentler on the extension hair.

Natural heat does not damage your extensions, but do not go to the sauna with conditioner in your hair. Simply Natural hair does not require any special conditioners, masks etc.

When you swim, keep the extensions neatly closed. Wash, care and dry extensions carefully after swimming. Avoid getting wet hair in chlorine. Chlorine can cause discoloration.